Sunglasses For 2017

Sunglasses For 2017

It's that time of year again in Europe when the sun starts to reassert itself at angles that make so many of us happy. Spring is in the air and the bright, sunny weather beckons for us to organize our favourite sunglasses to be at the ready for the warm months ahead. I'm quite happy with my current fleet of sun bouncers but love keeping an eye out on what's new and what styles have been revived from days gone by. It is in this pursuit that I stumbled upon a set of articles befitting of this task for men's and women's collections crafted by a brand that makes retro sunglasses in New York City called Vint & York Eyewear.

Search for: Vint & York Eyewear Top 10 best men's sunglasses trends for 2017

Search for: Vint & York Eyewear Top 10 best women's sunglasses trends for 2017

These articles provide a healthy stock of pictures and examples of trending frames within a number of different categories that I found interesting and useful. Round shapes abound along with metal frames, removable metal clip-on lenses and one of my all time favourites, tortoiseshell frames (in particular the Draper Keyhole Bridge frames - see above image).

While perusing the Vint & York web site I also came across the following information I thought worthy of sharing. 

1)   There is a filter on the Shop page for frames sizes that are narrow, medium or wide. This is great idea for all websites selling sunglasses online to help shoppers narrow the range from the get go.

2)   V&Y New York has also produced a very useful article on how to choose the right frame according to the shape of your face. It's worth checking out and keeping handy for your next sunglasses try-on session.  

Also not to be missed in the world of sunglasses is a brand on the rise with much international acclaim by the name of 'Pared Eyewear'.  The master chef behind these creations is none other than a friend of mine, Samantha Stevenson-Baker along with her partner Edward Baker. Born under the Australian sun 'Pared Eyewear' has ventured far from its antipodean shores making its mark on the international fashion scene. Besides their creations ticking so many boxes in the aesthetics department, Pared Eyewear pursues a philosophy of quality that resonates beautifully with our own approach.

These fashion visionaries are on to a good thing and definitely one to watch. From their current collections I like the Puss & Boots (Deco corners) frames for her. 

Search for: Pared Eyewear Puss & Boots (Deco corners)

Pared Eyewear Puss & Boots frames

For him I quite like the Bigger & Better unisex frames.

Pared Eyewear Bigger & Better frames

A few parting tips from Pared's website on how to care for your sunglasses to keep them in shape.

1) Use both hands when handling

2) Fold the left arm under the right arm when closing

3) Avoid wearing your sunglasses on top of your head as it can distort the fit and stretch the arms making repairs more challenging.

Enjoy your hunt for the perfect sunglasses! Paul

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