Photo Shoot For Upcoming Italian Shirts Collection

Photo Shoot For Upcoming Italian Shirts Collection

Time for some outdoor fun! We had a quick low-key photo shoot recently in May in Geneve, Switzerland that went really well. Actually I like every photo shoot we do (even the ones that endure an entire day and night). This mini shoot was indeed the fastest I've ever been involved in. It was all over within 1.5 hours with close to 700 photos taken. The conditions were not ideal but the photos turned out exactly how we had imagined (photos coming soon). 

But, before the photo shoot there's always the enjoyable task of scouting for a suitable location. There were several options on our short list but the winner just seemed right. I love boats and love water even more so it was not a difficult choice when I stumbled upon an idyllic location that had both on offer. 

The weather on the scouting day was great, not at all indicative of what it would be like on the day of the photo shoot. But, as they saying goes, when you get lemons, you make the best damn lemonade you can.

Staunton Moods photo shoot behind the scenes models prepare

And, I think we did just that. We had great models to work with whose attitude and cooperation were just perfect.

Staunton Moods photo shoot behind the scenes models

As the wind picked up and the clouds engulfed the late afternoon sun it was time to call it a wrap. Quite happy with the result. The editing part is always an enjoyable yet challenging task to take on especially when there are so many good photos to consider. 

Staunton Moods behind the scenes photo shoot negatives selection

In the end though the final short list was made and the finalists queued for their future life as a banner, lifestyle shot, social media post and a whole lot more. Looking forward to the day we release these gems. Stay tuned

Looking forward to the next shoot already. 

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