Glass Water Bottles Over Plastic

Glass Water Bottles Over Plastic

We make clothes with a passion to make people look and feel great. But beneath the surface we find it super important that people look after themselves so that they can get the most out of life. It is in this vein that I would like to start sharing some of the adjustments I've made over the years to make my life healthier and hope that others can also benefit from this information, or at least that it triggers something positive to take place. All of the information that I will share is based on research I've undertaken, products that I've bought and tried over a period of time. If I mention specific products I'm sure that there are others on the market that are equally good or even better (hope you can share your thoughts on these along the way to help others to benefit from your research and experiences).


Today I want to start with something I started a couple of years ago following my quest to reduce my potential exposure to plastic in the water I drink and to help my sister who had fallen ill with Lymphoma also avoid any potential exposure to chemicals (she's fighting fit now and in great health). So, I bought us both a glass water bottle (with a BPA free plastic lid) that I use at the gym, at my desk and at home (actually I bought two, one for the office, and the other I use for the gym and home). Sure, I still buy plastic water bottles from time to time when I'm out and about but this is minimal. I don't know for sure that there are chemicals in my plastic water bottles, but, on the flip side, I can't be sure that they're not there either (especially if I accidentally leave my bottle exposed to the sun or heat).

A number of years ago I discovered a brand of glass bottle aimed at reducing chemicals from plastics in water called Lifefactory (from Sausalito California). The brand was born in 2007 created by a team of two including a pediatric physical therapist Pam Marcus motivated by a concern over the prevalence of harmful chemicals and plastics in the systems that feed and hydrate children at their most vulnerable stages in hospital. I'm super happy with this product and have purchased a number of bottles over the years as gifts for family members. The glass is hardened and has proven robust and handled the odd fall here and there with no chips or cracks to be found (I haven't tried to test the boundaries on this one but feel free to share your experiences). I prefer the 650ml (22 ounces) bottle in terms of size and weight. With regards to the type of cap, I have both the classic cap and the flip cap. The former is ideal for my gym bag after I learned the hard way with the flip cap coming undone a few times (Lifefactory has a new Active Flip Cap that overcomes this problem). The water bottle with the flip cap underwent a sideways promotion landing an important role on my desk helping to keep me hydrated and drinking clean water throughout the day. I've noticed that I drink a lot more water since getting the water bottles and making them readily available. You can discover the full range of glass bottles on the Lifefactory website or from a huge range of online shops or stockists near you. 

This is the first of a number of health-focused posts that I will be sharing in the near future through this blog. I hope that you get something out of them. I think it's a lot easier to introduce small changes proactively while we are still healthy than it is to play catch-up if our health were to become compromised. This is the carrot or rewards based side of the carrot or stick approach. However, sadly, it's usually the stick that motivates people to initiate health related changes. I've come to appreciate the cumulative effect over the years that small changes to one's health can have. On their own, some of the changes don't seem like much but, when added together over time they can have a significant impact on one's quality of life. Wishing you all a very healthy month ahead!


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