Limited Editions


In a similar way to an artist's limited edition creation, Staunton Moods has adopted the same concept into part of its fashion range so you can be guaranteed to own an exclusive and artistic 'Limited Edition' piece!

  • 'Limited Edition' shirts are available in 100 and 200 pieces combined over all sizes. 
  • When you buy a 'Limited Edition 100' you will stand out from the crowd as only 100 Moods will be created and distributed worldwide in the shirt colour you have selected. 
  • Our 'Limited Edition' shirts have a unique label stitched discretely on the inside of the bottom section of the placket. This label will display your unique 'Limited Edition number'. Let's say that you have purchased a Red Ghoulies shirt from the 'Limited Edition 100' range and your label number displays '6/100', then you are owner of the 6th shirt out of a maximum of 100 limited edition shirts sold worldwide in your shirt colour. 
  • We truly believe in positive affirmations so don't forget to check the front side of the washing instructions label on the inside of your shirt where we've placed a message for you. 

Click on the following links to visit the Limited Edition ranges or specific shirts within each range. 

100 Limited Edition

Red Ghoulies

200 Limited Edition

Purple Wonderland Black & White Wonderland
Green Ghoulies Retro Kittens