About Our Shirts

BELGIAN LABEL OFFERING High quality European made 100% cotton shirts

Our shirts are designed and made in Europe using high quality Austrian and Italian 100% cotton fabrics. 

For the office and for after work. 

Our shirts are uniquely designed so that they look great as a business shirt with or without a tie and great after work, with the top buttons undone and the cuffs rolled back. 


Why have a great looking shirt that sits at the bottom of the washing pile waiting for you to have the time to hand wash it or send it to the dry cleaners?

  • The aim of our shirts is to look stylish and yet be easy to wash, hang and wear.
  • We use high quality non-iron fabric that can be machine washed to 40 degrees C that you really do not need to iron. Just hang it up after washing, close all of the buttons, put it on a hanger and a few hours later you will see what we mean.
  • We've also sewn in permanently the collar stays (stiffeners) so that you can't lose them and always have a nice looking collar.  Read the care instructions, comic strip style >>

Cuffs that give you flexibility 

Our cuffs have been designed to allow you the possibility of either adding cufflinks, or buttoning them up. There are three options for doing up the cuffs. Have you ever packed a business shirt for work only to discover that you forgot to bring your cufflinks? There is a hidden button sewn on the inside of the cuff that allows you to comfortably do up the button and seal the cuff and still look good. 

3 ways to wear the cuff


Limited Edition shirts 

Staunton Moods is all about being unique. This is why we have also introduced a range of Limited Editions in 100 and 200 series. We only produce this combination of shirt colour and Mood (pattern) fabric in these limited numbers. Like artwork we number each item with a unique label sewn on the inside of the placket towards the bottom. If you have for example 6 of 100, then you're the owner of the 6th shirt made out of a maximum of 100 shirts (across all sizes, not per size).  More >> 


Our designs are truly exclusive and aim to bring a touch of art into a men's shirt to arrive at a unique product that literally stands out from the crowd. 

A lot of research, thought and hard work has gone into the intricate and unique printed patterns that you see on the inside of our shirts, in particular the collar, cuffs and placket. We call these patterns 'Moods'. Some facts:

  • Our designers receive a general brief for the direction of a design and are then given a 'carte-blanche' during the design phase allowing them to express their emotions, creativity, and mood when crafting their unique designs. 
  • Once the Moods have been designed, we need to bring them to life. To ensure our shirt fabrics are all made of natural fibres, we select fabric that is 100% cotton. Printing a high quality product onto cotton with such fine detail and colour brightness requires a labour intensive, artisanal printing method. 
  • The Moods are printed with ink on finely woven Italian-made 100% cotton with a satin-finish which really boosts the colours of the Moods. 
  • After a long and thorough printing process, the fabric needs to dry for many hours and is then treated to ensure that the ink attaches 100% to the fabric. It is then washed and dried again. This is why we can guarantee you that, when washing your shirt over and over again up to 40 degrees, the colours will remain strong and bright.
  • The entire process of printing and treating 10 meters of fabric takes over 9 hours.
  • We print in high-resolution which is why there are so many intricate details in our Moods.
  • We have selected water-based ink for printing to reduce our ecological footprint (but don't worry, the ink will not wash off due to the treatment it undergoes during production).